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Monday, February 10, 2014

Old and Little. Part II

In my first post on old and little dogs, I wrote about how my house is set up to keep my dogs on the floor. The problem for me is that I'm not a spring chicken myself. And sitting on the floor with my dogs can get uncomfortable.

I started looking for ways that I could make a light weight sofa that would accommodate both my dogs and myself.

A google search for "homemade sofas" turned up a lot of information on pallet sofas and beds. Here is one video that I liked. I wouldn't attach wheels.

I thought about making a pallet bed but I decided to go with something even more lightweight. I used rubber linking mats*. See my video below.

The new sofa has Lupe's seal of approval:

One pack of the rubber mats can also make a nice stool -- when I'm on the floor grooming the dogs.

If  pet parents want to be closer to the floor but don't need snuggle space, a TV chair might be an option

Or a beach chair. Be sure to put it away when not in use. You don't want your dog(s) jumping on it and making it fall over.

Pet parents who want something low but a bit more sturdy can remove the legs from sofas and chairs

Note: I've tried 3 different brands of rubber floor mats. My favorite (and the cheapest) came from Sam's Club

Caution. If you live with dogs who might scratch or chew, be aware of the internal contents of the item you choose. Bean bags, for example, might be problematic.

How do you comfortably get on the floor with your pets? Tell us in the comments section below. For general questions, write to us at

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