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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Old and little

I recently saw this blog post about a mechanical stair lift for dogs.  Although this looks dangerous, with some modifications, this would be a great tool for helping senior, small or overweight pets navigate stairs.

It got me to thinking about all the ways that pet parents can accommodate dogs who have trouble traversing their human-centered household.

A fancy electronic stair lift is one option. Or pet parents might just decide to live downstairs with the family pets.  Who says you have to sleep in the bedroom?  Turn your living room or den or even dining room into a bedroom.

What about guardians who like to let their old or little pets sleep in bed with them?  Many folks like to use steps made for pets but I don't like my old dogs and little dog on steps.

At first we decided to lower the height of the bed by removing the frame. As the dogs got older, we decided that we really didn't need a box spring.  Still concerned about their safety, We have now decided to sleep on a 3 inch mattress topper. The dogs don't have to do any jumping or climbing. They just walk onto the bed.

What about furniture? I decided that we really didn't need a sofa, so I got rid of it.  Boxes or other blocking items might be used to keep old and little pets away from furniture - for those households who prefer to have sofas and large chairs.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new home or condo, keep in mind that you might acquire pets some day or if you have pets already, those pets might become old some day.  Before purchasing, ask yourself if the residence is going to accommodate your old or little dog  Click here for some ideas.

How do you accommodate your old and little dogs?


  1. Why don't you like your old and little dogs to use steps?

    Thank you for posting this.

    1. Hi Not Cesar
      Thanks for your question.

      Although steps can be safer than jumping, ascending or descending stairs can still be difficult for dogs with structural issues or dogs with tiny legs or long backs.

      And some old and small dogs don't know their limitations. Just because steps are there, doesn't mean they'll use them. Some dogs bravely jump down from high places - not understanding the jarring effect this has on their joints.

      And most pet steps that I've seen don't come with safety railing. Some pets have limited vision - especially in the dark. We wouldn't want them missing a step or toppling over the sides.