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Friday, August 16, 2013

Do We Look Like That?

One day when you have time, leave your pup at home and go to a park that usually has dog walkers. Observe people and their dogs. What do you see?

Dogs who are enjoying their walks?
Humans enjoying their walks?
Dogs on loose leashes in comfortable walking equipment?
Dogs taking their time and checking out interesting smells?
Dogs choking themselves?
Dogs being yanked by the neck?
Dogs being yanked who obviously have no idea why they are being yanked?
Serial yankers?
Dogs being kicked?
Dogs being dragged away from interesting smells?
Dogs being forced to meet other dogs?
Dogs who are forced to let strangers touch them?
Dogs who are hot and tired but not allowed to take a break?
Dog in uncomfortable, restrictive walking gear?

Then ask yourself: "Do we look like that?"

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