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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Safe Room Part III

More options for dogs who are not yet acclimated to their crates.


  1. I've never used one of these, but I knew someone who kept an akita in one - how is that possible? If you use these from when a dog is a puppy, will they not try to jump or push their way out when they are bigger?

    Thanks for another informative video.

    1. Hi Dogbreath
      That's a good question. I don't know how a person might convince an Akita to stay behind one of these.
      That person might have used barrier training. Or some dogs are punished so much that they are too scared to do anything until told (learned helplessness)

      Or some dogs just don't try to escape barriers. Maybe you've seen the youtube videos of dogs stuck behind soda cans?

      Some dogs are more determined or resourceful than others.
      Check out this beagle escape:

      A lot of dogs learn by trial and error. So they might not know that the pen is easy to get out of until one day they might be jumping around and accidentally knock the play pen over. Then they might learn how easy it is to escape.

      Does starting puppies out in these make a difference? I doubt it.
      Check out Lupe's puppies
      At 3 weeks old, they figured out how to climb into the bathtub to be with her.
      The bathtub was her retreat when she needed a break from the puppies.
      (BTW, she came to me with puppies. I don't believe in breeding mix breed dogs)

  2. Wow - that beagle escape was amazing - no wonder it's a good idea to have a double fence... And Lupe's puppies were so cute!

    Thanks for the response