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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dog Behavior Class Follow up

Caution - never leave a slip leash on a dog unattended.  Just thought I'd mention that since I gave out slip leashes at the end of class.

Thanks so much for attending my class. Below are are links to some of the things we discussed.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting used to the man of the house

For some shy dogs, men can be scary. Maybe because men tend to be bigger and taller and have deeper voices.

We can help our pups get used to the man of the house by taking things slowly.

Puppy Afraid of Men

Question: Advice needed for a shy 16 week old puppy


Remember to never ever punish the dog for her fear/aggression towards strangers.  No yelling, startling, leash yanking, hitting, etc..

As the benevolent leader, your are responsible for your dog.  If anyone tries to touch your dog when she is upset, step in front, block that person from touching your dog. If the person doesn’t want to listen, then either remove your dog (no snatching or yanking) or politely ask the visitor to leave.


Caution: Always check with your vet before feeding new foods.

Treats or life rewards are the hallmark of positive enforcement based training.

Loose Leash Walking

When teaching our dogs how to walk well on leash, pet parents should try to remember the reason we are out for walks in the first place - enjoyment for the dog and human.