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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dog Behavior Class Follow up

Caution - never leave a slip leash on a dog unattended.  Just thought I'd mention that since I gave out slip leashes at the end of class.

Thanks so much for attending my class. Below are are links to some of the things we discussed.

We covered so many things that I think it might take me a couple of days to list all the resources. So please check back. If you don't see everything you are looking for by Sunday, October 28, please email me at

Training/Behavior Tips

Loose Leash Walking
- Easier on the human
- More comfortable for the dog
- And might even reduce reactivity - barking at other dogs, cats, etc..

Martingale Collar
- If fitted properly, it can be safe like a a slip lead but not choke as badly as a slip leash
- Purchase at any pet store
- Also called limited slip collar or greyhound collar
Link to see picture or purchase online:

H Style Harness
- Can be purchased at any pet store
Link to see picture or purchase online:

A Better Front Clip Harness
It doesn't cut across the shoulders like other front clip harnesses. and it's more secure.
Hard to find in stores.   If you ask Fifi and Fidos, they would probably order one for you.  Or there are several places to order online...including the link above.

Harness Martingale Combo video
Also shows how to clip a leash to the front of a harness
H Style plus Martingale:
Freedom front harness with Martingale:

Why harnesses are safer than collars

Treat bag
Purchase at any pet store
See picture or order here:

Jumping up
Excellent video using treats to keep all 4 feet on the floor . I love the first half of the video. the 2nd half, where he uses the leash as  tool. Not crazy about that as a teaching method. It's good for prevention though:
More information on jumping up:

Barking at dogs during walks
First practice avoidance then counter conditioning and desensitization:

More info on counter conditioning and desensitization:

There are a bunch of great books, DVDs that have details for helping dogs be more calm on walks. Here are some
My favorites are anything by Leslie McDevitt and Grisha Stewart's Behavior Adjustment Training
But I'd start with something a little more basic like Patricia McConnell's Feisty Fido:

Next, I'd work on the exercises in Grisha Stewart's Book:

Then, later, anything by Leslie McDevitt. See all of her stuff on this webpage (scroll to the bottom to see all):

Homemade treats (check with vet first)
Salmon jerky:
Salmon hide: 

Reward desirable behavior

Reward Calm

Relaxation Protocol
Skip the park about forcing the dog into a sit
and like to ask the dog to lay down instead of sit - it's more comfortable for most dogs

Calming Aides
You might consider trying a thundershirt during walks

Something we didn't discuss - getting a behavior under stimulus control - it basically means teach the dog to bark or jump on command so you have more control over it.
See more here:

Pattern Games
A way to set up rule structures so he dog knows exactly what's happening next. It can a make a dog calm an focused and might help with jumping, lunging, etc..
See a clip from the DVD here:
Purchase the DVD here:

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