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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dogs hates getting ears cleaned

Desensitization and counter conditoning might help.  Start doing something that your dog likes and reward him/her then try slowly increasing the criteria.

Door Bolters

Caution: Pet parents should not a punish a dog for bolting (no hitting, yanking, yelling, poking ribs, , neck jabbing, pushing to the ground etc..).  This will make the dog feel worse about the thing he/she is chasing.

Dogs bolt out of doors for various reasons - opportunity, excitement, prey drive etc.. No matter what the issue, bolting is a serious matter that should be addressed.
Dogs who run out into the street could get run over. A dog might run up to the wrong person or wrong dog and hurt someone or get hurt. Management is key.

Management Options - Implement one, some, or all of the below

If the family house has a garage, always leave and enter through the garage whether or not cars are in there.  If the dog gets out the door, he/she will wind up in the garage, not in the street.

Put the dog in a bedroom behind a closed door whenever anyone leaves the house

Crate the dog whenever anyone is about to leave the house. Dogs must be acclimated to a crate. More details