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Monday, February 3, 2014

Nail Trims. Part VII. Training Back The Quick

When dogs' nails grow, the fleshy part continues to grow as well. That's why it's important to regularly trim the nails.  

As I mentioned in my saga, I was nervous about long quicks so I rushed the process.  In order to make the nail trim process less traumatic for my dogs, I had to go slowly. Which meant longer nails and longer quicks.  Now I'm working on training back the quicks.

Caution: Work with a professional when trying to reduce length of your dog's quicks. Try not to cut into the quicks.  They bleed heavily.  Plus getting the quicks cut is quite painful for the dog and will set back your progress.

I've discovered a couple of things on the internet that have inspired me to work on training back my dog's quicks:

This web post by Susan Garrett features instructions, a diagram and a video.

The book, Treats, Play, Love by Patricia Burnham - Pages 51 through  56.  Note: I don't agree with everything that is in this book (it's a bit out dated), but the information on nail physiology is quite useful.

This video by Emily Larlham was also very helpful.

And this video shows my attempt at trimming around the quick rather than grinding straight into the nail.

Please stay tuned. I will be posting more on our nail trim saga. Nail trim posts will be here.

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