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Friday, February 28, 2014

Grooming. Part II. Instrument Reviews

Videos on dog grooming products:

Note that this first video was done 4 years ago. It's a review on brushes, verses shedding blades vs the furminator.  I used to like the furminator.  But I'm not a fan anymore.  I think if we are not careful, we might remove too much fur.  Also notice that in one part of the video, I mentioned holding Lupe while I brush her. I don't normally do that anymore.  If my dogs decide to walk away, I let them. That makes grooming easier for all of us.

Here is another old video. In it, I discuss checking for ticks .

In this newer video, I demonstrate several different flea combs:

The self cleaning slicker brush

The Kong Zoom Groom

The Evolution Shedding Rake

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