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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Natural Medicine Pockets for Carnivorous Pets

The leading "chicken flavored" commercial product for giving medicine to pets costs about 4 to 6 dollars for a half pound. My local grocer sells chicken hearts for about a dollar a pound.

Hearts come with a hole that we can stuff medicine into.
So chicken hearts (or other small animal hearts) are just as easy to use as the commercial products, but  1/8th the price.  And most chicken hearts don't come with questionable ingredients (read the ingredient list)
See the video below and always check with your vet before giving any new foods.

Warning, the below video shows raw and cooked chicken hearts

If you can't find hearts or if your pets can't eat chicken for some reason, ground hamburger meat can also work. Form the meat into a ball, punch a hole in with your figure, put the medication in, then close the hole by shaping the meat around the hole.

For the dog who can smell medication through the food, try ground raw green tripe. It's extra stinky.

For pets who don't eat meat but are allowed wheat,  seitan shaped into "meat" balls might work. Canned pumpkin might work as well. Or maybe a slice of banana.

Of course check with your vet before trying any of the above. 

How do you make medicine time easier for your pets? Tell us about in the comments section below. Email general questions to

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  1. Thanks for the timely tips - this is something I am currently struggling with. We started our dog on a new medication and it comes in a capsule. He has a very sensitive nose and if he detects the med he will not eat the food. We've experimented with disguising the taste by rolling the contents of the capsule up in a cheese slice or inside a meatball or under the cheese in a plain pizza slice. So far the most palatable has been to sprinkle it over scrambled eggs. I will try your suggestion next.