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Saturday, July 19, 2014

When You Don't Feel Like Walking

Note: Be sure to consult a vet before starting any new exercise programs.

A lot of us love taking our dogs walking every day.  But sometimes we just can't.  We might be tired of dealing with loose dogs, the weather might not be cooperative, etc..

Mind games can be just as tiring as physical exercise.  Trick training can be a great way to keep your dog occupied and happy.

But what if we  want our dogs to move around a bit?  You don't have to be outside to walk. You can teach your dog heel when you are indoors.  Actually, we should start teaching loose leash walking indoors first (proofing)

In the below video, Murphy and Matt-Matt area playing "follow the leader".  We are in our back yard, but this could be practiced indoors as well.

This video shows Puddin learning to walk by my side.  Once again, we are outside, but this could be done inside.

Click here to see Puddin playing the "drop a treat and run like heck" game

You can also see Puddin playing "laundry agility" by clicking here.

And this video shows Puddin using a maze made of exercise pens (indoors)

Hide and seek and scent games can be fun for humans and pets.

Or you if want a more sophisticated program.  Check out some of the online classes here:

How do you keep your pets occupied. Tell us in the comments below.  Email general questions to

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