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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Opposition Reflex

Grisha Stewart’s Behavior Adjustment Training
Dogs have a natural reflex to go the opposite direction of pulling.
Jean Donaldson’s Culture Clash
The other reason that has been put forward for pulling in dogs even to the point of gasping for breath in obvious discomfort is what’s called an opposition reflex. As soon as they feel pressure against their necks or chests, they reflexively lean into it… So given what you are up against, it is prudent to begin anti-pull training from day one, rather than waiting till the dog has an entrenched pulling addiction.
Jolanta Benal’s The Dog Trainer’s Complete Guide to a Happy Well Behaved Pet
..dogs have an opposition reflex meaning that their normal response to being pulled in a given direction is to pull in the opposite direction, so their default when the leash is tight is to pull it even tighter
Nicole Wilde’s Help For Your Fearful Dog
Dog’s have an opposition reflex meaning that if they are pulled in one direction, their instinct is to pull in the opposite direction. If pushed they will push against the force. This instinct helps to maintain equilibrium. This reflex is why when an owner attempts to put a leash on a young pup and pull him along, the pup digs in and puts on the brakes. A leash is not meant to pull a dog. In fact, when a dog is walking correctly, the leash should be slack, resembling the letter ‘J’
Karen Pryor’s Reaching the Animal Mind
As they push and pull, they feel the stiffness in the dogs’ muscles, as an automatic opposition reflex causes the dogs to push back against the pressure. They can also see on the dog’s faces, increasing confusion and fear. In fact, the trainers can no longer not see the stress they are causing.

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