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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nail Trims. Part 15. Don't Be Stingy

Not only do I give treats after each toenail grind,  but I also sometimes give a treat after each pass on a single toenail - i.e. grind/treat, grind/treat. Which means one toe might yield 3 treats. Which means by the time we are done, my dogs have eaten anywhere from 18 to 50 treats.

Toenail trims are hard for a lot of dogs, this is not an activity where we should fade treats or practice intermittent reinforcement. Give treats after every grind or clip. (or use some other high value reward)

It's also good to have a significant pause after each treat - to solidify that grind or clip equals treat. I didn't take a long enough pause in the below video.

Also note that the treats were a bit smaller than I normally give. But I was running low and rationing.
Don't worry about weight gain. Just use healthy treats and reduce their meals accordingly. (get guidance from your vet)... But don't use all of their meals. Dogs should be able to have some food in peace.

See a short video below:

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