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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nail Trims. Part 14. Nail Trim Position

The girls and I have been experimenting with positioning.  I liked it when they were comfortable on their beds, but lately it seems that having the girls in a higher position than me has been beneficial.  I'm not a fan of  grooming tables. I ask the girls to sit in a chair while I sit on the floor. 

My favorite thing about this position is that when they hang their feet over the edge of the chair, I can Dremel their nails with very little foot manipulation. I can basically just stabilize the toe as I grind.
See the video below.

The other thing I like about this position is that I can rest the dremel on my raised leg if my arms get tired.  See the video below

Another advantage is that a nervous dog might feel a little less vulnerable in a higher position (so the groomer isn't looming over the dog)

Murphy still gets his nails trimmed while resting on his bed.  He has arthritis and get into a chair.

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