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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Loose Leash Walking. Part 2. Equipment

Since we are teaching our dogs how to pay attention to us and walk along with us, we do not need to use any type of equipment that will cause or pain, discomfort, or injury - so no choke chains nor prong collars are necessary.

Speak with your vet (or even better an ortho vet) about what is the safest walking equipment for your dog. I like the H style harness. It doesn't affect the neck and it doesn't drape across the shoulders. There are many brands of H style harness - such as Together, Makuti and Premium TuffLock.

I also like to use a martingale as backup. See the video below for details

But we aren't ready to use the equipment just yet.  First we teach loose leash walking with no equipment at all (Loose Leash Walking. Part 3), but for now we can just start on acclimation. Even though a harness is a lot more comfortable than prongs and other equipment, it will be a lot more comfortable if we acclimate the dog to it (this goes for the leash as well)

For more on harness and leash acclimation, see:

To be continued

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