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Friday, September 6, 2013

Marketing Adoptable Dogs

Contact about getting an account.  If you can get an account, try to be as accurate as possible when listing breed, age, gender, personality, etc..

Be sure to post nice pictures and videos. If the dog is small, use markers to show how small. i.e. put the dog next to a tennis ball or something.

Also list on, facebook, youtube, vimeo, etc..
For a list of suggested sites, see the links to the left of this webpage
Under "Rodney Links"

Contact your local paper. See if your dogs can be listed in their "adoptable pets" section if they have one.

Try to get on local television shows or local radio programs

Look into public access television

Are the dogs comfortable, friendly and calm around adults, children, other pets, loud noises, etc..?
Can the dogs walk on a loose leash without the use of tools (prongs, choke chains, head halter's etc..)?
If so make up some business cards with the dogs' pictures, put on your organization's T shirt, put an "adopt me" vest on the dogs and start taking them out and about.
Below are some suggested places - always ask the establishment or organization before bringing the dogs and always ask if it's okay to wear the organization T shirt and/or if it's okay for the dog to wear an "adopt me" vest. 
Don't approach people about adopting. If they approach you, you can talk about adoption but you don't want to be intrusive.

- Check for dog walking and other dog related meetups
   -- Also ask if you can post your adoptable dogs on their discussion boards
- Check local listings for dog friendly events such as charity walks, and runs, costume contests, talent shows etc..
- Public, dog friendly parks and neighborhoods
- Dog friendly establishments
   -- Pet stores
   -- Home supply stores
   -- Restaurants
   -- Etc..
- Group dog training classes
   -- In addition to networking, a dog with a training certificate might be attractive
   -- As a bonus, help the dogs get their Canine Good Citizen certificate or get the dog certified for therapy
       or assistance work
   --Look into titles and competitions.

If wearing an "adopt me" vest or organization T shirt is not appropriate, you can still get the dogs out and about.  People often approach people with dogs - especially well behaved dogs.  During the conversation, you can casually mention that a dog is available for adoption.
If a dog is wearing clothes or a cute costume, that might get a conversation started.

Ask other rescue groups to cross post for you. Especially if you have a purebred or near purebred and you can find a breed rescue.

Ask pet related establishments if you can flyers of your adoptable pets.

Ask establishments if you can hold an adoption event.

Place advertisements on your vehicle.

Even when you don't have a dog with you, wear a T shirt with the dog's picture and your phone number.
Pictures can be easily placed on T shirts using materials from an office supply store or hobby shop.

Always screen any potential adopters.  More information, item 3.3
Make sure any training or certification programs are reward based, force free, and tool free. More information at:

Also see:
Preparing Pets For Adoption
Adoption Counseling

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