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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Adoption Counseling

We've already talked about how to find potential adopters and preparing pets for adoption.

Before sending your foster to his/her new home, help the new pet parents make the transition easier for the new family member.

Some things you might discuss with the new family

1. Changing homes can be very stressful. Remind the new parents, that for the next week or so, take it easy. No visitors, no going to pet stores. Friends and family members outside of the home will be anxious to meet your new pet, but have them wait a while.  You might even wait a few days before taking your new dogs for walks (potty walks might be necessary)

2. Tell the new parents about the animal's medical history and the next time shots, heartworm preventatives, etc.. are due

3. Talk about the importance of safety. Use information from:

4. Talk about the diet the dog was on and the possible need to switch foods slowly if a switch is desired.  Give the family some of what the pet was eating.

5. Before handing over the pet, be sure he/she is wearing ID.

And excellent book to give to new pet parents is Patricia McConnell's Love Has No Age Limit - full of great information on bringing home a rescue.

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