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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Preparing Pets for Adoption

We've already talked about how to market your adoptable pets.  But we should actually get pets ready for adoption before we start marketing them:

Make sure the animal is spayed or neutered.

This should be decided after thorough research on the issue.
Some people believe that vaccinations do more harm than good.  Those who choose not to vaccinate might consider getting updated titer tests before advertising an animal for adoption.
If you expect the new pet parents to vaccinate, then the pet should be vaccinated before adoption.
Note that in most places, rabies vaccination is the law.  If this is the case in your area, be sure the animal is up to date on this vaccination.

Depending on your location and your research, the dog might need to be up to date on heartworm preventative.  An updated heartworm test should also be performed

Also a fecal test and blood tests should be done.

And make sure the animal is well groomed, clean and free of external parasites

Does the animal have any behavioral issues?  If so get with a competent behaviorist to modify those issues or be sure that the family you choose is the right fit for those issues.

- Don't place a resource guarding dog to a family who has very young children.
- Don't place, a shy, skittish dog with a family who likes to have loud, crowded parties every week

Even if the animal has no apparent behavioral issues, it would be wise to have a temperament test done before adoption.

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