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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yard Cover. Part IV - Rubber Mulch

In my last post on yard cover, I wrote that I was interested in rubber mulch for the space between my redundant fencing.

I purchased a couple of bags today along with some weed block and I went to work.

The bags are about 10 to 15 pounds - much lighter than the 50 pound concrete bags I was working with. And although there is no dust or splinters. the rubber smell was very strong. I got woozy just carrying the unopened bags from my driveway to my back gate - about 60 feet. I got even woozier as I put the mulch down. It basically smells like what it is - shredded tires.

I'm guessing that the smell will dissipate as the product is exposed to the air, but I'm pretty sure this isn't something I could spread out onto a large area. I'm sure I'd be able to even smell it in the house.

I used one bag of shredded and one bag of chunked. Even though it's easy to carry, It seems to be heavy enough to stay put during rain. But that remains to be seen.

The rubber is colored to look like natural mulch, but I would have preferred fun colors like my rubber flooring (which, buy the way, doesn't smell bad).  I'm thinking maybe critters would be less attracted to something that doesn't look natural. On the other hand, perhaps that awful smell will keep critters away. On the third hand, I like to send frogs away to the area between my fences to keep them away from my dogs.  I hope this mulch doesn't make this practice more difficult.

The .8 cubic foot bags cost me about 8 or 9 dollars - more expensive than natural mulch and more expensive than concrete.  It seems to me that if this stuff is made of tires that no one wanted, it could be a little cheaper.

See a video and picture below. The light green stuff you see is weed block that I didn't bother to cut.

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