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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yard Cover. Part II

From the Mail Bag
I hadn't thought of mulch, that sounds like a good idea, especially if there are "soft" mulches - whatever they put at dog parks seems like a great cover. I've also heard of "rubber" mulch (small pieces of rubber that can be scattered on a yard) - I think that was what it was - do you know anything about this?

 If I were to use mulch, I think I'd use something that came in large chunks - maybe pine bark. You probably want to stay away from cocoa mulch.

Pros of organic mulch
No watering or maintenance needed - as compared to lawns

Possible cons of organic mulch
You probably don't want the mulch close to your house - wood parasites
Biodegradable means you might have to replace occasionally
Poop - as dogs poop on it, you might have to pick it up - which means more replacement
What happens when dogs pee on it? Does it swell up and hold the smell? - this could result in more replacement

Pros of rubber mulch
Doesn't brake down like wood so you won't have to replace it as often
No watering or maintenance needed
Doesn't attract wood parasites

Possible cons of rubber mulch
You will have the same sanitary issues as wood mulch - maybe worse since the rubber won't break down like wood
Not biodegradable so if you get tired of the mulch, you probably can't turn it into the soil like you would with wood mulch. You would have to pick it all up to dispose of it.

Other thoughts on mulch
Could a small dog slip, slide or trip when running on the big chunks?
Would the rubber mulch have a chemical smell?
Would a dog try eat the organic or rubber mulch?
Would a dog think the rubber is a toy and try to chew on it?
Are any humans or pets allergic to the rubber or organic mulch

Whatever you choose, I suggest starting off with a small amount to see how it works for you and your pets.

If anyone has used mulch in their yards, please tell us about in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the great detailed info, I would have never thought of all this.

    You are right, I will start with a small section of whatever we go with and see how it works out.

    1. Hi Reservoir
      Thanks and you are welcome. And thanks or bringing up rubber mulch. I think I might try it: