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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Recall Tips and Tricks

1. Proofing
Start super easy and work your way up in teeny tiny increments. 
i.e. ask for come while in a quiet bathroom and the dog is one foot away.
ask for come in a quiet bedroom when dog is two feet away
ask for come in a quiet living room
ask for come in the living room with the TV on
ask for come in the living room with people walking around
ask for come indoors while next to the back door (if you have one)
ask for come right outside the backdoor (if you have a secure back yard)
and so on
Be aware of distance and distractions. When increasing one, decrease the other.

2. Foundation
Actually, before you even ask your dog to come, make sure your dog knows how to pay attention to you
Reward your dog for looking at you
Reward your dog for approaching you when you haven't called

3. Set the dog up for success
A. Don't call if you don't think he will come.  Every time you call and the dog doesn't come, your recall cue looses a little bit of it's meaning.   Learned irrelevance:

B. Always keep pup on leash when in unsecured areas. Every time he takes off to chase something, she will self reward and set back your training

C. Always reward the dog for coming when called

D. Never ever call a dog then scold or do something unpleasant (baths, nail trims, vet, etc..)

4. Tips/Tricks
A. Reward Check ins:

B. Be aware of body pressure:

C. Be aware of treat placement:

5. Games:
A. Drop a treat and run like heck:

B. Hide and Seek: make the game easy at first. Then increase the difficulty. Hide behind a tree, in a closet, etc.. Call your dog. Have a big treat party when she finds you. Of course don't do this if it distresses your dog (might not work well for a dog who has separation anxiety)

6. Target training
A. Target to hand

B. Target to mat:

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