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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Keep Pets Safe During Scary Holidays - 2015

Pets are safer indoors during fireworks and other scary events

If pets must be outdoors, make sure the fencing is secure and and place current I.D. on your pets.

Here is list of things that might help make fireworks a bit less scary. Click here
Note: only use white noise if it's not scary or annoying to your pet.

Comforting a scared pet will not increase his/her fears. Of course comfort is in the eye of the beholder. Some dogs do not want petting. They just want to hide. We should honor that. Some dogs want to be close to us. We should honor that.
If we are going to comfort our dogs, we need to be calm ourselves. If we are scared and speaking frantically or rubbing frantically, we might make our dogs feel worse. More on comfort here:

Some dogs prefer to go to a safe spot. Of course we should not force a dog into a "fort" or crate or closet. But we could set up some things for our pets in case they decide to look for a hiding place. Some ideas here:
And here:
Note: Only cover a crate if a dog is comfortable and you can watch the dog and the door is left open. Some dogs can panic in a crate and try to pull the cover through the crate bars (which could be problematic)

Leave lights on so flashes from fireworks won't be as noticeable.

** For dogs with serious noise phobias and/or those dog who have trouble settling after scary holidays, consider a consult with a board certified vet behaviorist or holistic veterinarian

If loose pets are found, please assume lost and not abandoned. More on finding strays here:


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