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Friday, January 2, 2015

Distraction Training Or Counter Conditioning- When You Don't Have A Helper

So you've been proofing your dog and he/she is ready for a higher level of distraction.  Maybe you need someone to walk by and toss a toy as you teach heel or stay.  But what if you can't find any one to help?

Try setting up a pulley system. You can put a toy on a long string, drap the string over a branch or some other raised object. Then move the toy from a distance.  See details in the video below:

What if you are working on counter conditioning a dog who afraid of humans, or children or other dogs, etc..(triggers).  Using faux triggers has several advantages

We have more control over the fake human or fake dog so less chance of our dog becoming frightened or over threshold

Human or other animals are safe from the dog because we are not using real human or other animals.

So what type of faux triggers can we use?

Mannequins, stuffed dogs, stuffed squirrels, scarecrow-like creations (buy used clothing so the faux human smells like someone other than the guardian.   For more information and ideas, see the video below:

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