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Friday, October 18, 2013

Squirrel Chasing. Part II - Foundation

Daniel-San could not learn Karate until he learned how to wax a car.  Oliver Queen could not hold a bow properly until he slapped a lot of water.  We can't learn calculus if we never learned math.

If our dog is very obsessed with squirrels, we will probably fail if we jump right into modifying squirrel chasing behavior.  We need to start with a foundation of reduced stress, relaxation, physical and mental stimulation, impulse control, and focus.

Teach your pet some easy tricks (sit, stay, down, come, touch, etc..) and proof the behaviors. Teach default behaviors
Teach your pet the relaxation protocol
Help your pet with impulse control
 - Zen
 - Leave it
 - Sit and wait for dinner
  - Etc..
Help your pet with Sudden Envrionmental Change
Reduce as much stress as possible

Read and watch everything by Leslie McDevitt for great information on how to help dogs become less concerned about their environment. Start working on the games described.

See all squirrel chasing posts here. More to come.

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