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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Barking Neighbor Dogs

When faced with barking dogs, we should remind ourselves that it's not the dogs' fault that they are lonely, bored, scared or over aroused.  So we should not try to punish.

Some things we can do to try to reduce the noise or make the noise more bearable:

1: Play "Through a Dog's Ear" either outside or close to the adjoining wall (if you are in an apartment)  - It's classical music for dogs and it might help calm them.

2. Aromatherapy - hang lavender sachets outside - it's supposed to have a calming effect. Also try spritzing Rescue Remedy or Dog Appeasing Pheromones.  (in the area - not near the dogs)

3. Talk gently to the dogs - this might work or might make things worse. Discontinue if it makes things worse.

4. Be still and quiet and breath deeply. See Tadasana

5. Try to reduce stimuli  that makes them bark for example.
A. Discourage creatures such as squirrels
B. Put up visual barriers so the dogs won't see you and start barking
C. Maintain a calm household inside and out so as not to stimulate the dogs
D. Keep leaves and sticks clean up so that stepping on them won't excite the dogs
E. Install a second fenced to make you seem further away. Offer to install a double fence on the neighbor's side as well:

6. Run a couple of outdoor fans
     A. It might serve as white noise for the dogs -  might reduce noise stimuli for them
    B. For you, it might drown out some of the barking

8. Other white noise options:
     A. Actual white noise generating machines - like those that play ocean waves
     B. Misters
     C. Fountains or some type of water feature (inside or outside)
     D. Wind chimes
     E. Fans or air purifiers

9. Plant bushes along the fence line to help drown out some of the sound

10. Look into fencing or fencing additions (like masonry) that might help reduce noise

11. Speak with a contractor about temporary or permanent sound blocking foam or paneling. Look into double pained windows and heavy curtains.

12. Ear plugs or noise cancellation headphones

Also see Cows Moo; Birds Chirp

Note: Please, never feed treats to a dog without owners permission. If there is another animal in the yard, it could cause fights. And/or the pet might be a on a special diet. The treats you use by make the animal sick.

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