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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Aprons - Handy Tools for Reward Based Training

Advantages of wearing a bib apron with at least 4 pockets:

1. One pocket can be for low value treats and one pocket can be for high value treats.
When you catch your dog being good, reward him/her from one of your pockets.
Calmly give a low value treat when you catch your dog relaxing.
Give your dog a high value treat when the mail carrier comes or the garbage truck or when the neighbors make a bunch of noise (or whatever normally bothers your dog)

2. Put a toy(s) in the 3rd pocket. Be ready to present or toss before the dog jumps on you or grabs the remote or humps another dog, etc..or whatever behaviors you'd like to interrupt without using pain, fear, startle or intimidation.

3. Leave the 4th pocket empty. It's for keeping your dog out of trouble. As you walk through the residence, note things that are off limits to your dog but have been left in reach by your children or roommate or signifiant other.  Pick up those things, stuff them in your pocket. Put them away later.

4. And since you are wearing a bib apron, if your dog does happen to jump on you, your clothes are protected. So hopefully, you won't feel a need to shout at nor push your dog.

5. Many are cheaper than treat bags.

At the end of the day, stuff the apron into the fridge or freezer to keep any food crumbs from getting too gross. And after a couple of days, toss it into the washer.

How do you make it easier to reward your dogs? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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