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Monday, December 2, 2013

Screaming Kids and Other Noises. Part I - Management

Do outside sounds like screaming kids, motorcycles, and garbage trucks frighten your dog?  Of course we can work on helping our pets feel better about certain noises. But we have to start at a point where our dog isn't scared or reactive.  In order to do that, we need to find a way to make outside sounds less scary.

Here are some ways that we can reduce outside sounds

1. Non scary white noise (check with an electrician on how many appliances you can safety run at one time)

A. Actual white noise generating machines - like those that play ocean waves
B. Fountains or some type of water feature (inside or outside)
C. Wind chimes
D. Fans or air purifiers
E. Classical Music - like Through A Dog's Ear

2. Heavy curtains, plantation shutters, double-paned windows.

3. If your dog gets upset when he/she hears people talking, you can try talking to your dog to help mask the sound of other people. You might even be able to speak over screaming kids. Try baby-talk.

4. Plant bushes along the fence line or in front of windows to help drown out some of the sound

5. Look into fencing or fencing additions (like masonry) that might help reduce noise

6. Speak with a contractor about temporary or permanent sound blocking foam or paneling. Look into double pained windows and heavy curtains.
See this video clip for some ideas:
More to come

How do you reduce outside sounds?  Tell us in the comments section below

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