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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Keep Pets Safe Tonight

It's New Years Eve.  One of the scariest holidays for our pets.  Pets who normally wouldn't leave the yard might do so when frightened.

Bring pets inside. If they have to stay outside, consider camping out with them.

Indoors, use non scary white noise to try to help drown out the scary fireworks. See some ideas here

Experiment with other non scary noises that might mask the sound of fireworks
- Action movies
- Rock music

Leave all the lights on so flashing lights from fireworks won't be as noticeable

Close curtains and blinds

Let dogs hide in a safe place if that is what they want to do.

You pet might like hanging out in a closet or bathroom with you - or any windowless room or internal room (less noise)

If your pet has not been acclimated to a crate - exercise extreme caution if you decide the use one tonight. Be sure to stay home to watch your pet.  Confinement can make some animals more afraid.

Use air locks and make sure your pets are wearing identification.

Let dogs cuddle with you if that makes them feel better. You will not be reinforcing fear
See more on that here.
But we can make our pets feel worse if we are anxious.  Be there for them, but try not to worry for them.

Ask your vet about calming aids. Some ideas here.

Consider trigger stacking and reduce stress as much as possible today and for a few days after the fireworks.

If you see loose dogs, never assume abandoned. They might be lost and confused from the fireworks. See more on that here and here

If possible, and if safe to do so (consult a professional), try to help loose dogs find their families. See more on that here.

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  1. I noticed my newer dog look at me and the older dog when the first noises started. We both just ignored it and continued whatever we were doing and he did the same...