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Friday, November 7, 2014

Dog Harness Reviews - Figure H Harness

Over the years, the dogs have had several different type of harnesses.  We prefer harnesses over collars (but we do use collars for ID). And we prefer Figure H style harnesses over all over harnesses. But there are so many different types of figure H harnesses.

The harness featured in the below video ( is pretty easy to find. Most pet stores have them; and folks will probably be able to find them in the pets section of most department stores.  Here is one example:

I like these types of harnesses for fit, comfort and price. But the dog's leg has to be raised in order to put this harness on. This can be problematic for dogs who might have arthritis or some other physical condition or for dogs who might have an issue with handling.

The above video also demonstrates how we like to use our harnesses - with  a safety backup.

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