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Thursday, August 7, 2014

When one dog gets upset about another dog's procedure

When you have to do something "scary" to one dog, does another dog get upset?

The are probably four ways to handle this.

1. Avoidance

A. Ask your vet if the procedure is really necessary. i.e. does your dog actually need a bath?

B. friend or family member can take the non procedure dog for a walk while the other dog gets a bath or nail trim or ear cleaning, etc..

C. Dogs can be put in separate rooms while the procedures is accomplished

2. Make the process less scary for the procedure dog so the non procedure dog will be less upset. So instead of holding down the dog to do nail trims, use counter conditioning to make nail trims less scary.

3. Counter condition the non procedure dog. i.e grind one nail, treat the procedure dog, then treat the non procedure dog.  Eventually, the non procedure dog will be less concerned (if the process includes desensitization and is done correctly)

4. After counter conditioning, teach the non procedure dog an alternative behavior i.e. "relax on a mat"

See more details in the below video

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