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Friday, March 28, 2014

Puppy Biting Part II. Attention Biting. Stress Biting

In our last post on biting, we mentioned the puppy biting is normal.  But sometimes puppies (and adult dogs) can bite because they learned that it's a way to get our attention.  There are a couple of ways that we can combat attention biting.

-We can give our pups attention before they start asking for attention.  Take pups on daily walks. Work on trick training and other ways of providing mental stimulation.  Provide exercise, but don't overdo exercise.

- Teach our pups default behaviors so they learn more desirable ways to communicate with us.

Some dogs biting because they are stressed or aroused.  For these dogs, we can reduce biting by working on relaxation and stress reduction.

- Reward calm whenever we see it

- Work on the relaxation protocol

- Work on stress reduction

Additionally, pet parents should make sure that their pups have plenty of safe (vet approved) chew items.

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