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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The two handed, bent kneed people

The dogs and I have been going to some of the same parks for several years.  And we often notice other regular visitors
The joggers, the slow pokes like us, the cell phone users, the serial yankers, etc. 
Then there the two handed, bent kneed people.  You know the ones. They almost look like they are water skiing while they hold on to a dog who wants to go move faster than the human wants to walk. Although we might see different ones often, we seldom see the same ones more than once.
Dogs and pet parents are stuck in a vicious cycle.  Leash walking is too difficult (or maybe too embarrassing) so the pet parent rarely takes the dog out. When the dog finally does get out, Fido is so overwhelmed by all the new sights and sounds that he can't contain himself.

Pet parents who have highly excitable dogs might need to lower their expectations and redefine their goals.  Maybe start in the house or apartment - rewarding the dog for walking next to the human. Then maybe a few laps around the backyard or driveway or apartment parking lot. Set the dog up success and reward those successes.

See the video below and see more on proofing loose leash walking here

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