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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cortisol Vacation

First, I'd start with a cortisol vacation for at least one week.

Do absolutely nothing that has the possibility to make her frightened or

reactive. No walks, no visitors. No bike rides, no visits to day

care. Keep things as routine as possible- no helmets or sunglasses or

anything that covers the face. No drastic hair changes, no new

clothes, no training classes, etc..

Fun tricks and training is fine during this time - only if the dog

really enjoys it.

While you are on vacation:
Start reading Grisha Stewart's Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) -
especially the sections on trigger stacking and


Read all you can about canine body language - Turid Rugaas is a good

place to start

Also learn all you can about dog play
Resources -
Patricia McConnell's DVD on playing
Ali Brown's Scardy Dog

Read about thyroid issues - a good place to start is Jean Dodd's

Canine Thyroid Epidemic. Also Dr Pitcairn's Complete Natural Health for
Dogs and Cats

Read about vaccinosis - a good place to start might be Dr Pitcairn's

complete natural health for dogs and cats. Also check out Dogs Naturally

Research nutrition and how it might affect your dog's physical and

mental health

Once the vacation is over:

First get a thorough check up from your vet - including blood work,

pain evaluation, etc.. ( I know you are already doing that)

Ask your vet about calming aids - Rescue Remedy, Bach Flower

Essences, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, L Theanine, Tryptophan,

Homeopathy, etc..

You can start back going outside, but keep possible triggers at a

distance far away enough so that your dog doesn't get upset. See

more here:
Start out with calm walks - no biking etc.
Don't let anyone outside the family touch her or even stand close to


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