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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things that are less important than your pet

If you find yourself with a big vet bill or if you decide to start a savings account for your pet and don't know where to find some money, here are some things to consider:
Pawn anything that isn't more valuable than your pet. Which is anything and everything - your television, jewelry, computer, etc..

Or get a pay day loan or a car title loan. After the pet is taken care of, you can pay back the loan by cutting back on expenses:
- Turn off cable TV
- Turn off your cell phone service or at least get a cheaper service. You can get a pay-as-you-go plan from Virgin Mobile for 5 dollars a month. Only talk on the phone for emergencies
- Give up beer and any other type of alcohol
- Give up cigarettes
- Give up any consumption that is not necessary - you don't need potato chips, cakes, pies, etc..
- Eat less food (most Americans consume more food than is needed to stay healthy)
- Give up meat. A meal of beans and rice is full of protein, fiber and vitamins and you can eat for a few cents
- Don't eat out
- Give up illegal drugs
- Give up prescription drugs if if giving them up isn't a detriment to your health
- Give up over the counter pain killers - the pet's well being is more important than your pain.
- Take on a second or third job
-- taxi driver, fast food, day laborer, etc..
- Mow the neighbors' lawns, clean their houses, wash their cars
- Pick up aluminum cans, bottles -anything you can recycle
- Turn off the internet or get a cheaper internet plan
- sell whatever you can - computer, TV, clothes, etc..
- Sell your furniture - it's better than you sit or sleep on the floor rather than let your pet suffer.
Try a barter deal with you vet, boarding facility, pet sitter, trainer etc.   - offer to clean up poop or mop floors in exchange for a vet care or at least a payment plan.
Did you know that you can go several days without days without food and still survive? Just be sure to drink plenty of tap water and stay hydrated.

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